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   I-BIT MAPPING will praise the luxuriant Brazilian biomass diversity and will call on its preservation, while launching workshops, discussion groups and audiovisual screenings in lush natural locations with environmental content provided online by biologists, geologists, historians and community leaders.   

  Guest community agents, environment activists, researchers, biologists, geologist, historians and artists’ presentations will lay the ground for the aesthetic output from an international network of artists remotely working in this project. 

 The festival’s program comprehends two workshops, two debates and three screening days. Workshops and debates will be carried out through video talks and projections and debates will be aired live. 

 I-Bit - Mapping Online Festival, a Reação TV production, will take place at Conceição de Ibitipoca county, Lima Duarte -MG in 4 days on May 2020, with Jodele Larcher as its curator.


Reação TV shall launch the event without an on-site audience in compliance with the Covid-19 safety protocol in force.


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United VJs and VJ University founder, Spetto has pioneered the mapping art in Brazil for more than 20 years now, from parties to big festivals, theater, television, exhibits, ceremonies and has become a Mapping expert worldwide acknowledged. Among such works, the visual effects for Rio de Janeiro Olympics, ODESUR Games of Cochabamba and Buenos Aires Youth Olympic Games; the projection on CCTV Antenna Tower, 420 meters height, in Beijing, for the 70th. Anniversary of the Chinese Communist Revolution; projections on Datong rampart (China) and Museu Nacional da República.

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Digital Artist and VJ Homem Gaiola (Cage Man) comes from Belo Horizonte.

Cage Man has been on the scene since 2013.

His output includes videos, full dome projects, LED installations and audiovisual performances notably inspired on Afro-Brazilian culture. His research involves plunge-in techniques with light and projection. 

Cage Man participates in the Darklight Studio international collective, through which he has snatched several awards, such as the Lille Mapping Festival, in 2019, France, and the Epson Mapping Challenge, in 2017, in Costa Rica.

He delivers visual projects for different events, such as New Year’s Eve Mapping at Christ the Redeemer (2019 and 2020), Rio de Janeiro; visual content production for singer Anitta’s European tour (2019); Minas Trend fashion show. Rafael is also the creator of the Freedom Lights festival and of Cerrado Mapping Festival.



Digital artist, VJ and art diretor, graduate Designer from Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Motion Design major.

He has worked as a VJ for 15 years. His career was set on track after his winning the Green Project VJ championship in 2007. His research aims at the intersection between art practice ad digital systems, in which he employs illustrations, photos, sculptures, music, sounds, bi and tridimensional resources to create audiovisual narratives by means of digital media. Fabretti undertakes stage design projects for audiovisual and musical performances. Co-founder of Bloco Criativo art collective, which gathers artists from different sectors, carrying out projects in Brazil and worldwide. 

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A ESPM-SP visual design graduate, Luv is a multidisciplinary artist. From brush to pixel, her work comprehends animations, cultural production, digital illustrations, videomapping, graffiti, outdoors and wall, clothes and canvas painting. She is the MOV Festival creation diretor. She has been in festivals, such as Cerrado Mapping Festival and A. Front Festival, in a joint work with United VJ’s. Born Carioca, Luv grew in São Paulo, but has now returned to her hometown since 2019. 

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Multimedia visual artist from Rio de Janeiro Carol Santana works with visual content creation and with real time manipulation of images and effects ranging from shows, festivals, tours to exhibits. Most recent Carol’s performances: Amazônia Mapping Festival, 2020; Luzes SP, 2020; A.FRONT 2020 (CE), teaming up with United VJS;  Cerrado Mapping Festival, 2020 and Luzes da Liberdade (BH), 2020. In 2019, she performed at Visual Brasil, in Barcelona; she was in charge of the VJ set at Beate Uwe, in Berlim, and was the VJ for Rock the Mountain, 2019. Presently, she integrates MOV festival of integrated and projected arts production and curatorship.  

In her video performances, VJ Carol blends analogical and digital methods and redefines the physical medium by means of videomapping techniques, issuing new visual and sensorial perspectives while working on sound, image and space composition interactions.  

Carol connects with different trends, such as graffiti, dance, art and music. She explores the body and the subjective relationships with the object and captures the images, which become narrative textures and movements. 

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VJ since 2007, visual artist Leticia Pantoja is a pioneer woman in the Video Jockey profession in Brazil. During her 14 years career, her work has been present in different artists’ shows such as Fernanda Abreu, Anitta and Lan Lanh. Her visual narratives have occupied the streets in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Barcelona and many other cities around the world. Lê has performed in the main video mapping festivals and has recently projected on Christ the Redeemer (RJ).

 Leticia Pantoja blends mapped projections, analogical collages and graphic animations, with several elements from pop culture and surrealism. Experienced in cinema, theater and arts, she adds up to her multimedia visual work her performer and ballerina background. 

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Ricardo Cançado (a.k.a. Eletroiman) has worked in VJing for almost 20 years. He has devoted this last decade to Mapping. He is the TkLab audiovisual creation studio coordinator, Telenoika collective and co-founder of Darklight Studio. Parallel to his artistic work, VJ Eletroiman is the creator of Festival Visual Brasil and maker of Videoteka, a project for the research and mapping of the visual production and of VJs worldwide. 

Eletroiman is one of the most internationally acclaimed VJs. He was the four times Circle of light Moscow winner; VJ Torna (world VJ championship) ten times award winner, besides other awards such as (ES˜), LPM (IT), FIMG (ES˜), Festival Loop (ES˜), FILE (BR), Vision-R (FRA), ROBOT (IT˜), Mapping Festival (SUI), VJ Torna (HUN).

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Undergraduate Degree in Forest Engeneering at Federal University of Viçosa (2002), graduate in Preservation Units Administration and Management and a Master degree in Applied Ecology for the Handling and Maintenance of Natural Resources. Clarice is the environment analyst for the Instituto Estadual de Florestas (Forests State Institute), acting in the management of Parque Estadual da Serra do Papagaio-MG. Her background includes preservation units, forest fires, environment regulations, degraded areas recovery, agro-ecology, environment education, tourism, shared projects, medical herbs and homeopathy.


Undergraduate in Biological Sciences at Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora (2007), Kelly was intern and monitor at Herbário CESJ (UFJF), Master Professor of Botany at  Rio de Janeiro National Museum (2012 - 2014), PHd on Biodiversity and Nature Preservation at UFJF (2016-2020).

Her background includes Environment Consultancy since 2009, with different papers and reports presented for different vegetation formations in the country, focusing on environmental licensing, land management plans, monitoring, preservation projects, courses and qualifications. In the broad field of Botany, Professor Antunes emphasizes taxonomy, floristic and phytosociological surveys, biogeography and preservation. 


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Undergraduate in Biology at Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora (2005), Master Degree in Zoology at Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio grande do Sul (2009) and PHd in Biology, with major in Zoology at the Braunschweig Technlogy Institute, Germany, - TU Braunschweig (2013). Youth Talent scholarship recipient (Capes, Science without Borders) and faculty member in the Systematic and Evolution graduate program (DBEZ, UFRN) between 2013 - 2015. Post-doc at the American Museum of Natural History, New York, USA, acting in the Herpetology and Comparative Genomics departments. Since 2020, Gehara is a professor and researcher at Rutgers-Newark University, USA. He works in the areas of Evolutionary Biology and Molecular Ecology, emphasizing Genetics of Populations, Bioinformatics, Phylogeography and Herpetology. 

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Undergraduate in Geological Engeneering at Ouro Preto Federal University Mines School, speleologist since 1983 for the Excursionist and Speleological Society. He has studied caverns in several countries, specializing on Applied Hydrogeology at the Escuela de Minas de Madrid, where he accomplished doctorate credits. Hydro Resources Specialist by National Waters Agency Qualification Course, NCE-UFRJ. 

His knowledge and practice range from speleological patrimony identification and assessment, to caustic environments hydrogeology, fractured and porous, groundwater flow and contamination mathematical modelling and groundwater lowering operations in mining, instrumentation, and hydro meteorological data collection.




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With a massive background as director for TV shows, Jodele is one of the Vjing art forerunners in Brazil., Red Bull Live Images and SkolBeats are among the festival he has participated in. He created visual settings for outstanding singers and bands, such as Roberto Carlos, Jota Quest, Gilberto Gil, Lulu Santos, Kid Abelha, Moby, Carl Cox, and several more. He also created visual settings for the Brazilian Day show, in NY, from 2010 to 2013; Carnival spots for Globo Network, 2011 and 2012; singers and composers Gil, Ivete and Caetano’s year-end celebrations prime time specials; and the show TV Xuxa, 2011, 2012 and 2013. Jodele directed video mappings at Amazonas Theater, 2010 and 2011; at Carlos Gomes Theater in Vitória-ES, 2010; Magic Christmas in Florianópolis-SC on the façades of 6 churches in 2013; and in the Back to Black Festival, in Rio, 2013. Jodele is also the creator and manager of   VideoAtaq, the VJing event in Rio de Janeiro counting now 7 editions. He was special guest star in Nokia Trends, Vivo, Oi Sonoridades, Instante (Campinas) festivals and in the Project CCBB Façade (2011). Most recent projects delivered: Epson Mapping Challenge/United VJS, Projeta Rio/Reveillon Cristo Redentor RJ/Touchers Transmídia 2018/2019/2020. Content production for projection: Evento Amazon Digital/ Noline Culture – January, 2020; Cerrado Mapping Festival /Darkside studio – Worshops and VJ, August, 2020



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Audiovisual projections on gorgeous natural locations, presenting environment oriented content, based on the local artists and researchers online experience. 






This workshop will approach 2d loops and animation creation from the concept to the finalization process. Characters creation, quick hands-on techniques for frame to frame animation and how to employ them in videomapping and VJ Set.


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Online workshop for those who wish to work on light installations involving the DMX protocol with addressable LED tapes at the outset. From different software and hardware to immersive projects design involving dynamic lightening will be on the menu. The workshop will consist in two moments: first, an explanatory class focused on LED programming and working; second, directly from Ibitipoca, will explain the LED installations created during the festival. 





Conceição do Ibitipoca is a district in the Brazilian municipality of Lima Duarte , in the interior of the state of Minas Gerais . According to the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), its population in 2010 was 1 004 inhabitants, 534 men and 470 women, with a total of 767 private households. It was created by state law No. 2, of September 14 , 1891 . [2] Three kilometers from the center of the village is the Ibitipoca State Park , the main destination for tourists visiting the region.


The Parque Estadual do Ibitipoca is a forest park located in the municipality of Lima Duarte , in the state of Minas Gerais , in Brazil . With an area of 1,488 hectares , it is located three kilometers from the district of Conceição do Ibitipoca , which is supported by tourism attracted by the park. Created on July 4, 1973, it is managed by the State Forestry Institute of Minas Gerais .




The i-Bit Mapping Festival, through this public invitation, opens a call for visual artists who wish to have their works projected during the first edition of the festival. The images will be projected on the Igreja Matriz Nossa Senhora da Conceição and the Paredão de Santo Antônio.
The entire festival will be recorded and then aired on June 5 and 6, 2021, through the festival's YouTube channel.

To participate in the open call, all artists must necessarily:
Send, by e-mail, your registration, with curriculum data and description and justification of the proposed work.
The format of the arts must be 1920 x 1920, but must be delivered with the mask of the blueprints of the Igreja Matriz Nossa Senhora da Conceição and Paredão de Santo Antônio.
The proposed works must be posted on the Vimeo or Youtube platforms, with a private link, with a password provided, and sent by e-mail with the registration. All works must be available for download.
The enrollments will run until May 16
The works should have a duration, preferably, of 120 seconds.
Unpublished or unpublished audiovisual works of projection will be accepted, produced in the different means of expression of the visual arts (videos, photographs, video-performances, video art, video remix, vjing, drawings, engravings, digital engraving, 2D, 3D animations, art virtual, gifs, digital image, among others), as long as they are assembled sequentially and applied to the available masks.

Participants agree that all selected works will be free of charge to the i-Bit Mapping Festival in pieces of prior and subsequent disclosure and during the execution of the project, with express and irrevocable waiver of copyright by the participants, who also authorize the use their respective names, image and voice sound; being certain that, when registering, the participants authorize the Festival to make use of the aforementioned works in the medium of any means of publication, transmission, retransmission, distribution, communication to the public and reproduction, with the specific purpose of disseminating the present project and repercussion posterior, indefinitely.

Registration implies full acceptance, by the competitor, of this regulation😊Call
i-Bit Mapping, OPEN CALL

Blueprints are available below





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productor in Minas Gerais, headed by executive productor Lucilia Coelho, launches this festival. It has a long story in the audiovisual scene, having produced TV specials (documentries, videoclips, specials and musicals) as well as visual content for events, Video Mapping, video setting and live broadcasting on the web.
Reação.TV's most recent productions: Epson Mapping Challenge/United VJS, Projeta Rio/Reveillon Cristo Redentor RJ/Touchers Transmídia (2018/2019/2020), Rock in Rio 2019 (airing for big screen, editing of information spots), DVD BTS; direction of the Funk Orquestra broadcast; content production for projection in events such as Amazon Digital, Cerrado Mapping Festival, and direction of the event Neo Energia.
This year, other direction works have been accomplished. Banda Gente, Festival Demarcação Já Remix, "150 Anos de Choro" for Brasil Channel, Rio Colonial Festival, MIMO Festival and the 13 episodes TV series Acorda, still to be aired in June, by Music Box Brazil channel.

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